To The Recruiter

As the old adage goes; “Time is Money”. How would you like to save time? Vabrio enables you to streamline your processes, expand your candidate network, and improve candidate screening.

Benefits Include:

Candidate Networking

As a Vabrio Recruiter you will have access to our vast network of Candidates. You can showcase your career as a recruiting specialist so that potential candidates can see why you are different and why they should work with you. Ratings from other candidates that have worked with you in the past will be available and any Vabrio certificates earned by candidate ratings will be shown on your Recruiter Page. Make sure to sign the Vabrio Privacy Pledge to show everyone you are willing to work with them according to the Vabrio rules of engagement. This will allow you and the candidate to work in a comfortable environment with complete privacy. In addition, as you build your network of potential candidates, keep in touch, real-time, with each of them whether they are a potential lead scheduled for an interview or just keeping up to date on what they are doing throughout the job search life cycle.

Intelligent Resume Screening

Saving you time and providing you with quality information is one of Vabrio’s top priorities. Reading and understanding resumes in all their various formats is a time consuming endeavor for any recruiter. Currently the tools you use such as ATS systems and keywords are woefully inadequate and often fraught with error. Vabrio offers a solution that helps to streamline the resume screening process. We understand that a resume for a financial professional is far different in contextual meaning than a resume for an IT professional. This context or semantics is the key to discovering hidden information within any resume regardless of its form.

Keywords alone do not provide the context necessary for you to make informed decisions. This is a cause for potentially wasted time when you have to make an unnecessary call just to find out the candidate that you are currently screening is not a good fit for the position you are trying to fill. Our semantics capability provides you the context necessary for you to determine if a candidate is a potentially good fit.

Take for example two individuals who have SAP listed on their resume. One is a programmer and one a purchasing specialist. If you are looking for a programmer of SAP and use traditional keyword methods provided by most ATS and job boards, you would get both resumes because you searched for “SAP”.

The searches do not know the meaning behind your query. Semantics understands the context of the search and will only return the programmer’s resume, saving you time.

Resume Visualizer

The Resume Visualizer gives you a unique view of a candidate’s resume. It allows you to view the candidate’s past, present and future career information quickly in a standard, time line format, saving you the time it takes to read every resume from top to bottom. This capability takes resume information and gives you an illustrated view so all the information you need is right in front of you in an easy-to-view layout.