To The Candidate / Job Seeker

It is time to re-invent the job search process and transform to Career Management. Vabrio enables you to manage not only your job search but also your career in one place with an illustrated view of your entire career. In addition to what you have done and your past experiences, you can show recruiters where you would like to be. Plan and expose your career aspirations so recruiters can help you get there. You may feel that managing your career is too much work. However, believe it or not, you are already doing it and just don't realize it. Make it easier on yourself and check out what Vabrio can do to make managing your past, present and future career easier than you think.

Benefits Include:

Recruiter Network

As a Vabrio Candidate you will have access to our vast network of Recruiters. You will be able to view each Recruiter’s Profile, their area of speciality, ratings by fellow candidates, reviews, and comments. In addition you will have the ability to rate, recommend, and comment on any of the Recruiters with which you have worked. Be assured that your information is safe with Vabrio. All of our registered Recruiters are asked to sign a “Privacy Pledge” which will ask that they respect the information of all of our Candidates to ensure that your information and job search stay between you and your recruiting team.

Resume Management

A resume is a brief written summary of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience. It is your introduction to a prospective employer. As you already know multiple resumes is not uncommon. You often tweak an existing or create a whole new resume in order to highlight any special qualifications or experiences that best fits with the job for which you are applying. Juggling these multiple resumes is now a thing of the past. Vabrio allows you to easily manage multiple resumes. The Resume Visualizer gives you a unique view of your resume. At a glance you and your Recruiter will have the same view of your information.

Job Search Management

Making the job search process has just become easier. Whether you are actively searching for a job or just keeping your finger on the pulse of the market Vabrio helps you to manage each step of the process. If you are active you will have access to Recruiters and job postings. Manage the job postings that are appealing to you. If you not actively seeking but are interested in what the market has to offer and don't want to be disturbed for a period of time simply set your portfolio to "Do Not Disturb". This will tell recruiters on our system that you are simply keeping your information current but do not wish to be contacted. Once you have selected the job(s) for which you would like to apply manage the interview the process to ensure you do not miss important dates and keep notes of your impressions of the company, position, and the interview in general.

Portfolio Management

Vabrio allows you to upload documents in order to create an online portfolio to showcase your accomplishments. Store your portfolio in one place with ability to enhance or change at any time.