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Connecting recruiters and job seekers in real time.
Never let your data go stale again.
Designed to improve and simplify IT recruiting.

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Vabrio is a 100% Cloud-Based Recruiting System.

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What We Do

Vabrio helps recruiters and job seekers connect on their own terms and makes viewing and capturing career information faster and easier.

Why Vabrio?

Vabrio is committed to reinventing the employment process by offering focused solutions in specialized fields.

Locally Focused

Vabrio is located in Pittsburgh, PA and proudly serves the surrounding area. We find talent from anywhere to help local businesses.


Vabrio was created to help recruiters and job seekers alike by allowing them to connect and network with each other on their own terms. Our combined network of recruiters and job seekers work together and focus on career placement. Even if you are not currently looking for new opportunities, having a team of recruiting specialists acts as an insurance policy for your career.

Vabrio focuses on one industry: Information Technology (IT). This allows us to target a single market and the needs of the IT recruiting and candidate world. We also focus on "IT Jobs", "IT Recruiters" and "IT Candidates". We feel a system that throws together jobs and candidates from every market, including IT, Health Care, Manufacturing, etc. is destined to fail as the criteria for each market is so vastly different from the others. Vabrio focuses solely on the IT industry which allows us to match candidates, recruiters and jobs more accurately than the others.

Our tools allow candidates to visualize their resume quickly. This makes it easier for a recruiter or potential employer to view your career history, and illustrates your career history so the important information is not passed over.


Are you a recruiter looking for talent around the Pittsburgh area? Vabrio helps you connect with potential candidates, allows you to showcase yourself and gives you the ability to visualize the information you need to speed up the screening process. Our goal is to save you time doing the things you do everyday, and to get you from resume to "they're hired" faster than other tools.


Are you currently seeking employment, or do you just want to create your own team of recruiting specialists for future consideration? Vabrio allows you to target recruiters who are best suited to help you reach your goals. We also allow you to create and manage a career portfolio of tangibles such as resume(s), career history, interviews, correspondence and intangibles such as leadership, motivation, objectives, and goals. Vabrio takes the black and white version of your resume and creates a live, visual and interactive portfolio.