About Us

Who Are We?

Vabrio was founded when the job search challenges were experienced first-hand. The founders of Vabrio saw their peers laid off several years ago. They stayed in contact with their ex-colleagues throughout their transition period. After witnessing the layoff that took place, they decided to look into other opportunities themselves. Immediately they saw the challenges with the job search process in the 21st century. It is a result of a broken system that attempts to make huge sums of money on trying to place you in a job. These systems of resume scanners, job boards, combined with tight operating budgets in human resource departments create a very impersonal, unconnected, disappointing job search that can leave even the best qualified candidates without a job.

"How can we make the job search easier and more efficient" is the primary question the founders wanted to answer. They began research in earnest looking at both sides of the equation. Interviews and validation with job seekers as well as recruiters found some surprising misconceptions. While job seekers have difficulties sifting through a host of job boards, recruiting firms, and inefficient resources; recruiters have equally difficult challenges when it comes to targeting the right candidates for the right jobs, inadequate tools for managing their processes, and lack of standards in candidate evaluations.

The result of this process showed a missed opportunity in the market. Solutions that target job seekers and recruiters, bring you together, and give you both tools to foster the relationship around your career aspirations in a cost effective and efficient manner. We believe our Solutions and approach to the employment process will make it more effective and satisfying for everyone involved.

Vabrio was born…

Our Goal:

  • Reinvent the way our users approach the employment process.
  • Provide our users superior software that improves their daily activities and livelihood.
  • Strive to solve problems by creating purpose-built solutions with an easy to use interface, excellent service, and useful features as we know that is what makes a happy customer.

Bringing the two worlds together through social collaboration is the only way to solve the career challenges of today for both recruiters and job seekers. We will never replace the human contact that comes from a phone call or face to face visit with a recruiter. But we can help manage and implement the changes you want in your career objectives. And for recruiters, we can help you find the right candidates for jobs that you need to fulfill, faster and more accurately and at a fair price.